Dental implant treatments are two of the most
dental implants
are two of the most frequent consultations in dental clinics. The lack of teeth or their degeneration causes not only discomfort when eating, for example, but can also lead to problems of self-esteem or acceptance of the patient that can be limiting.

For the solution of this type of problems there are different methods, among them, the placement of dental bridges or dental implants. The team of professionals of our dental clinic in Barcelona o la dental clinic in Ibiza explains to you what each of the methods consists of, how they differ and which of them is the most recommendable.

What is a dental bridge and when is it used?

A dental bridge is a set of crowns soldered together, simulating the shape of several teeth, looking very similar to real teeth, in shape, size and color. With proper maintenance (hygiene, avoiding eating hard foods), bridges can last an average of 10 to 15 years.

These fixed prostheses are cemented onto the teeth, normally anchoring it to healthy adjacent teeth to cover the missing tooth, which is why it is called a “bridge”.

This type of prosthesis is used to replace one or more missing teeth, cover deformed or fractured teeth or cover discolored teeth.

What are dental implants and when are they used?

Dental implants are prostheses that permanently replace missing teeth. Its placement consists of an artificial titanium root in the bone, a biocompatible material, with the artificial tooth placed on top of it.

There are different types of dental implants according to needs (crowns, complete fixed dentures, partial fixed dentures…). Their functions and conditions of use are the same as for dental bridges.

Which is more advisable, dental bridge or dental implants?

Currently, most professionals recommend the placement of dental implants over the use of dental bridges for various reasons.

First of all, dental bridges must be fixed on other healthy adjacent teeth. To do so, they must be carved, making them more susceptible to damage.

In addition, dental bridges do not have the same quality of fixation as implants and therefore, the patient may feel more insecure, fearing that it may fall.

On the contrary, in the placement of dental implants it is not necessary to touch the nearby teeth, the patient obtains greater security and recovers better facial esthetics and functionality.

Dental bridges also present more limitations in terms of their application, since, for example, dental implants can be used even in cases where there is insufficient bone or gingiva.

Likewise, when dental implants are placed, they prevent the movement of the other teeth, bone loss and the appearance of wounds in the gums, since they act in the same way as the previous tooth did.

At IMOI we have an innovative technique of implant placement without surgery or pain, thus avoiding stitches, bleeding, inflammation and pain after treatment.

If you would like more information about our services and the solutions we can provide for the health and esthetics of your mouth, call us without obligation. The team of professionals of our dental clinic in Barcelona or dental clinic in Ibiza, will solve all the doubts that may arise and will advise you on what is the best treatment for you.