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At the IMOI Dental Clinic we are a center for dental specialties. A team of experts in dental implant treatments, invisible orthodontics and dental aesthetics. Our way of working and thinking about the patient makes us offer exclusive treatments. In a situation like the current one, our facilities with HEPA filters and all the equipment against COVID-19 allow us to treat patients with maximum safety.

Our centers in Barcelona and Ibiza have been performing complex or long treatments with sedation for years to avoid stress, anxiety and discomfort to the patient and to carry out all possible treatments at the same time. This is how we get patients to leave their home as little as possible.

The team of surgeons and dentists at the IMOI Dental Clinic dental specialty centers has a professional experience of more than 25 years. Preparation and ongoing training allow them to perform from the simplest to the most complex treatment. Placement of a dental implant or bone reconstruction is performed with the iliac crest.

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Invisible orthodontic specialists usually perform treatments from 7 to 18 months and not only achieve a beautiful smile, but also excellent oral health.

The dental and facial aesthetics team are experts in Digital Smile design and perform veneer treatments in such a way that you get a new smile in just one afternoon, smile in one afternoon.

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists allows us to treat patients with diseases that could be complicated with absolute safety. We have also specialized in patients with added complications of the heart, respiratory system, down syndrome and in painless treatments and non-invasive surgery

All this is possible due to the high specialization of our team of Dentists, specialists in Surgery, Anesthesiology and Aesthetics and the technological equipment that we have in our dental Clinic in Barcelona and Ibiza: dental scanner, ultrasonic scalpel, virtual surgery simulator, etc. . We also have our own operating room approved for minor surgery.

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