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Oral implant dentistry has allowed many patients with dental loss to see their balance and dental health restored in a few steps and in a lasting way. One or more teeth can be lost due to many circumstances and it is important to place an implant with a crown as soon as possible to avoid major problems caused by these losses. Oral tissues, faced with the cavity left by the tooth, tend to restructure. It is then when we encounter additional problems such as the fall of other teeth, disappearance due to bone resorption and serious damage to the overall structure of the mouth. Our implant experts in the Barcelona and Ibiza clinics have extensive experience in this treatment.

We also have our own surgeons and doctors next to our operating rooms, which allows us to achieve a 360° treatment without leaving the clinic, with all the top quality technological means at our disposal. A large number of successful cases endorse us in the field of implantology, even in the most complicated cases where there is no bone or there are additional problems due to the patient’s health.

What is an implant?

Dental implants are artificial pieces that are placed in the jawbone. Its objective is to replace the original tooth or teeth in a fixed and durable manner, restoring full functionality to the patient’s mouth. The materials in which they are manufactured are fully biocompatible and do not pose a rejection or health risk. Our implants in Barcelona and Ibiza come from suppliers of the highest quality, to guarantee a treatment in the best conditions and practically for life.

The implant has the approximate appearance of a screw and is fixed in the mouth, acting as an artificial root made of titanium. The crown, the outer and visible part of the tooth, is installed as the crown. It is sized according to the desired size and color for a completely natural and integrated finish in the patient’s mouth. In this way, it completely recovers its functional and esthetic capacity, as if it were an original tooth.

Types of implants and prosthetic solutions

Implants are usually the most desirable option for esthetics, durability and quality of finish. Depending on the patient’s needs, even both arches can be replaced if necessary. After implant placement, different options can be chosen for its final finishing. Generally, crowns, also called sleeves, will be placed. Although there are other types of prosthetic solutions such as removable appliances -also called dentures- or bridges supported on other teeth or implants. In any case, it is the medical professional together with the patient who must analyze each case to find the best solution.

Advanced technology in the treatment of oral implantology

Having an expert team is key to obtain the best results: surgeons, doctors and dentists are at your disposal. But it is also important to have state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best treatment and full patient comfort in this type of procedure. Our advanced diagnostic tools allow us to perform a detailed examination of the patient’s needs and situation. The dental CT that we use for implant treatment in our clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza provides accurate results digitally. In this way, the professional can advance on a real and detailed image of the patient’s mouth. The CT scan allows to see all the tissues, their position and state within the oral cavity.

After the initial study, guided implant surgery allows the surgeon to be much more precise when placing the dental implant in the procedure, for better treatment quality and patient comfort. In addition, the implants to be placed are of top brands, such as Nobel Biocare.

In case you need additional treatments, such as bone reconstruction, we have different solutions available, such as dental bone implants or zygomatic implants.

If the patient prefers and is suitable, at IMOI Dental Clinic we have a non-surgical implant service in both Barcelona and Ibiza.

For us, it is fundamental to be guided by patient care and to look for ways to obtain the best results, with the least possible discomfort and without pain. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions about dental implant procedures in Barcelona or Ibiza, we will assist you as only we know how, in the best way.

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