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Technological equipment at IMOI clinics

Having world-class technological equipment is one of IMOI’s priorities. The most advanced technology in the hands of expert professionals is a often decisive aid to be able to perform treatments without pain, in a very short time and with a guarantee of success.

The best example of this passion for cutting-edge technology is the diagnostic and treatment systems we use in IMOI, of which there are very few units in hospitals, clinics and dental clinics in Spain and Europe. Of which we highlight:

Dental scanner. I-Cat.

imagenology-icatIn IMOI we have a team of ICAT dental T.A.C., it is a device that with the same radiation as that used to obtain an orthopantomography achieves a high quality 3-D scan, one of the most powerful equipment on the market for the power of its software and the large size of its area of aqdquisition.

This I-Cat dental scanner detects lesions of tenths of a mm and generates reconstructions that allow the Use of the Nobelclinician system or any implant guided navigation and simulation system.

The I-Cat program has a throbbing radiation system, which prevents the patient from being exposed to radiation throughout the scan. This feature makes it one of the most modern and patient-safe T.C. equipment.

The most common indications for the I-Cat dental scanner are:

  • Planning and study for implants.
  • Planning and study for orthodontics.
  • Study of A.T.M. (temporo-mandibular joint).
  • Study of bone quality and density.
  • Planning and study before orthognathic surgery.



The latest generation piezoelectric or ultrasonic scalpel allows us to perform bone surgery with the peace of mind of knowing that we will be absolutely bone-friendly and that it will not inflame at all. This scalpel replaces the traditional handpiece with a tungsten cutter (that disgusting and noisy device with which they haven’t taken out wisdom teeth for years)

It is a technology that uses the vibration of a special tip at very high frequency, it undoes the bone in a non-aggressive way and allows us to use it to perform grafts on the same patient.

It is very important to use in all upper jaw surgeries to prevent lesions of the jaw sinus membrane and in jaw surgeries to avoid injury to the lower dentary nerve, which gives the sensitivity of half the lower lip, chin and teeth on that side, and the lingual nerve, responsible for sensitivity and mobility at the lingual level.

Its usefulness is determined by:

  • It allows us to do bone surgeries with an almost zero inflammatory response.
  • It’s not annoying for the patient.
  • It allows to obtain bone that can then be re-implanted in the same patient.
  • It does not injure soft tissues that are in contact with the bone such as the membrane of the maxillary sinus or the dentary and lingual nerves.

Nobelclinician virtual surgery simulator. It is a powerful virtual reality tool to study and be able to intervene to patients without touching them.

nobel_clinicianThe Nobelclinician virtual surgery simulator allows us to plan the placement of dental implants, choosing the size and model that best suits each patient without touching it.

It also allows us to study the characteristics of the bone, the maxillary sinus, the lower dentary nerve and the gum without touching the patient, achieving a safety during the intervention that only occurs with this type of procedures.

The use of nobelclinician for dental implant placement allows us to have millimeter accuracy in surgery and the placement of provisional teeth in a single session.

Digital Smile Design. The only way to design the new patient’s smile at the IMOI clinic and send it to the lab.

digital_smile_designThe introduction of Digital Smile Design has allowed us to design the new teeth and smile of the patient according to their taste and preferences, in a short time and always consult with him.

With this program a computer file is generated that is sent to the laboratory, where a CAD-CAM robot sizes the veneers or ceramic crowns with millimeter precision.

In a single session we can place all the necessary veneers.

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