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Conscious sedation in dentistry is the real alternative to performing pain-free dental treatments

Conscious sedation, also called dental sedation, is an anesthetic procedure, complementary to local anesthesia injected by the dentist or surgeon, consisting of the administration of a combination of drugs (sedatives and analgesics) for the duration of the intervention, whose purpose is to obtain a state of relaxation, drowsiness and absence of pain and memories of the elapsed time. This improves the collaboration of the patient (thus facilitating the work of the dentist or surgeon) and avoids negative memories and conditions.

It is important to note that conscious sedation is not a light general anesthesia. Unlike this, spontaneous breathing, reflexes and responsiveness to stimuli or verbal orders are maintained, for this reason it is called conscious sedation. These differences make this type of dental sedation a much safer and faster-recovery technique.

Who can perform treatments with conscious sedation?

This type of sedation should always be performed by physicians specializing in Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Treatment. The work of the anesthesiologist at IMOI is not limited to sedation during the intervention. We understand that to ensure maximum safety and the best results of dental treatment, you must perform an anesthetic procedure that develops in 3 phases: before, during and after the operation. In this way, the patient is properly prepared, the anesthetic technique is adapted to its characteristics and its postoperative is improved.

In IMOI dental clinics we have specialized in this type of interventions with conscious sedation and we have all the technical and human team so that the patient is totally calm and has the security of being in good hands. At the patient’s first visit to our dental clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza, we performed a dental study and a free TAG to see the magnitude of the problem and inform you of the most appropriate solution

Visit our clinics to explain your case. On the first visit we will perform a dental CT and a complete study, totally free of charge. In this way we will know the scope of the problem, your needs and we will be able to advise you on the most appropriate dental treatments and the price of all the treatment you need. We will inform you of the possibilities of dental sedation and if it is advisable for your treatment.

Do not doubt our professionalism, we will inform you about the best alternatives according to your situation. Book your visit today.

For which orthodontic treatments is conscious sedation indicated?

Conscious sedation can be performed in all types of dental treatments that are practiced in IMOI Clinics. We are convinced that conscious sedation in dentistry is the future in dental treatments. In this section you can see the treatments we perform.

Patients who may benefit from this anesthetic procedure are several (access the following sections for more complete information):

To be able to tell you better book a visit to our dental clinics and we will perform a complete dental study and a TAG to be able to diagnose possible problems totally free of charge. See everything we do on first patient visits for free.

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