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Sedation in combination treatments

Sedation in combination treatments is the solution to save time and reduce dentist visits

More and more patients have several problems to solve in their teeth and mouth so they require treatments performed by different specialists. These treatments can be done at multiple appointments or in a single intervention.

The lack of time, in which we are all immersed, makes sedation in combination treatments increasingly demanded, not only by patients with little availability of time and who have to perform several combination treatments, but also by those patients who want to avoid the discomfort of moving on several occasions, lengthen treatments several weeks or go through several postoperatives and prefer to have less discomfort and get results more quickly.
Conscious sedation is very interesting for dental and spermic treatments for combined dental treatments. The reasons are several but we can take off:

  • The comfort required during prolonged treatments in long treatments (the patient does not perceive the passage of time; thus, 2 hours represent for the sedated patient a few minutes)
  • Facilitates the work of the various specialists involved in the combination set of treatments and improves the results by allowing the administration of complementary intravenous medication before, during and after the intervention
  • The resolution in a single appointment several combination treatments that can otherwise represent 4 to 8 appointments and up to 9 weeks of time
  • A much shorter and less annoying postoperative.

Who can benefit from sedation in combination treatments?

In principle all patients can benefit from sedation in this type of treatment, but there are two groups of patients who are the most likely:

  1. Patients who should follow combination treatments of dental implants and bone grafts.
  2. Patients with many combined dental treatments and dentures, such as cavities, root canals, etc.


In patients with bone implants and grafts, in a single day and with a postoperative period teeth extractions, placement of dental implants, bone grafts, maxillary sinus elevation and temporary tooth placement may be performed. In a single appointment, 6 conventional appointments and several months of treatment are treated.

Patients who want to change the appearance of all the teeth in their mouth and must do so at once benefit greatly from sedation, in one appointment they can fill all the cavities they can have the teeth are prepared and the necessary impressions are taken. Then, on a single visit, the treatment is over.

Although for all patients it is viable in IMOI, in any of our dental clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza, we perform all patients, a previous study and a dental CT totally free and on the first visit. In this way we can diagnose possible problems in the combination treatments.

Our dental clinics have the latest technological advances in dental implantology, surgery and conscious sedation. Access this section to see all our facilities.

In order to inform you better book an appointment and our professionals will be able to help you and advise you on the combined treatments. From the first visit you will be in the hands of professionals, doctors and surgeons experts in dental implantology.

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