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Painless Treatments 

In IMOI we are experts in performing treatments without pain for patients who have phobia of dental treatments.

Many dental treatments are very sensible for many patients especially because the mouth is found next to another organ the ear and patients will respond to noise in many cases. Also many treatments require the use of water to not heat the teeth or the bone, which makes it difficult for patients to breathe during the dental treatment.

Another phobia many patients have is the phobia of injection of anesthesia needed for example in the placement of implants, or in cases where multiple reconstructions need to be done and the patient chooses to have It done in one session.

What is considered a dental treatment without pain?

Nowadays we as professionals try to make any treatment as comfortable as possible for our patients. Dental treatments without any pain can be started at home. A night before the procedure, in patients who have phobia to dental treatments we prescribe them medication in order for them to relax through the night and experience no pain the next day.

Once in IMOI our Anesthesiologists will perform the sedation procedure after a thorough evaluation and depending on the treatment that is needed. After sedation the patient will not remember entering the Operating Room but will be able to collaborate with the dentist and the surgeons while the treatment is performed. Click on this link to get more information over conscious sedation performed in IMOI dental clinics.

Through sedation the patient does not perceive pain and loses the sense of time, one hour time frame can seem only 10 minutes to patients. During the intervention we administer the first doses of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, analgesics and gastric protector which reduces the post-operative discomfort to a significant level.

Can all these painless dental treatments be performed in all dental clinics?

These type of treatments cannot be performed in all dental clinics, simply because it is necessary the right installations, a proper Operating Room, qualified doctors and anesthesiologists. We are proud to say that we are pioneers in both clinics of Barcelona and Ibiza in performing treatments under sedation. The clinics are both occupied with proper Operating Room to perform all dental surgeries and have the patients kept under the supervision of all medical staff.

From the very first appointment with us, patients will be attended by our professionals, doctors, surgeons and experts in implantology and dental esthetics. Click on this link to get to know our medical staff and all of our surgical equipment.

In what type of treatments can the conscious sedation be used?

We can perform any kind of dental treatment under conscious sedation in order to avoid pain. However, a previous consultation is recommended with the specialist for a proper and correct diagnosis. To all of our patients in their first visit we offer them to do a CT scan of their mouth and a free of charge study of the case to diagnose the dental problem they might have. In addition an analysis is performed to decide if they can be candidates for having dental treatments done under conscious sedation. In this section you can find all free of charge services that we offer during your first visit at our clinics.

The most indicated treatments are :

  • Patients who fear or have phobia to dental treatments
  • In patients who suffer other systemic diseases
  • Patients with disabilities
  • Complex dental treatments
  • Combined dental treatments of different specialties
  • Patient’s choice not to experience any discomfort during treatment

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