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700 square meters dedicated to comprehensive oral health care

In IMOI we have 700 square meters dedicated to integral care of oral health. We take dental, medical and surgical care into account, but we also want to make the stay of our patients and their companions as pleasant as possible.

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For this reason, we offer spacious and comfortable spaces and a series of complementary services that facilitate the stay in the clinic, such as individual waiting and recovery rooms, chauffeur service, parking and mini-bar with nespresso, selection of tea, soft drinks and juices.

courses-quirofano-imoi-1Our teaching eagerness leads us to organize courses, meetings and national and international meetings of oral surgery and implantology for which we have an operating room equipped to show the interventions, both inside the clinic and online, and a fully equipped training area, with capacity for 25 people and several multipurpose spaces.

Our centers are located in the center of the city, that advantage allows patients to walk through places as relaxing and bright as Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia, surrounded by the impressive work of the architect Gaudí, or through the port area of Ibiza, surrounded by the Formentera and yacht line boats.

In addition to offering you the most pleasant atmosphere possible we know that to do our job better it is essential to have the most advanced technology. Our centers have high-tech equipment that places us at the highest level, of which we highlight:

TAC-imoiDental Scaner ICAT, a throbbing radiation system, which prevents the patient from being exposed to radiation throughout the scan. This feature makes it one of the most modern and safe T.C. equipment for the patient and at the same time allows us to identify 0.1 mm injuries. It is a team that allows us to perform surgery treatments, endodontics and bone reconstruction with maximum safety. It is especially indicated in:

  • Implant study.
  • Study for orthodontics.
  • Study of A.T.M. (temporo-mandibular joint).
  • Study of bone quality and density.

Nobelclinician virtual surgery simulator, a system that allows us to generate a three-dimensional model of the jaw bones, identify areas with little bone, hidden infections and any type of injury and avoid problems in the surgery of patients. Maximum possible safety to avoid injuring the maxillary sinus, nostrils or dentary nerve inside the jaw. It is the highest standard of safety in oral surgery and dental implants.

bisturi_ultrasonicoPiezosurgery ultrasonic scalpel: A unique tool to make multiple treatments on both teeth and jaw bones. It allows us to cut the bone without destroying it and with minimal inflammation. The latest generation ultrasonic Piezosurgery scalpel allows us to perform bone surgeries with the peace of mind of knowing that we will be absolutely bone-friendly and not going to inflame at all. It is a technology that uses the vibration of a special tip at very high frequency, that undoes the bone and allows us to use it to perform grafts on the same patient.



quirofano-imoi-3Approved operating room for outpatient minor surgery. It is a surgical area prepared for outpatient surgery. It is a controlled atmosphere area, with stable conditions of constant temperature, humidity and air quality. In addition the floor is insulated to avoid static electricity and the installation has uninterruptible power systems.

Monitors allow our team of anesthesiologists to monitor all patient parameters during the intervention. Large-format flat screens allow our surgeons to have images of the patient’s tests throughout the surgery.

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