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Measures against COVID-19.

The 10 security measures against COVID-19.

At IMOI Clinics we have always been concerned with working in the best possible way and with maximum safety for the patient. Faced with the pandemic situation, we have modified our facilities and our work protocols to guarantee maximum biological security. We explain the 10 measures that the IMOI has taken against COVID-19:

  1. All equipment has been made Covid-19 antibody tests and he has been negative for the two clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza.
  2. We have strengthened biological safety protocols that already up to the level of operating rooms or ICU of any European Hospital.
  3. The IMOI team has passed the COVID-19 online training course of the General Council of Colleges of Dentists and Stomatologists.
  4. The IMOI Barcelona has since 2008 with HEPA filter that captures 98% of particles, bacteria and viruses found in the environment.
  5. In the two IMOI centers we are implementing ultraviolet light , the only fast and safe way to remove bacteria and viruses from the air.
  6. Every hour a cleaning of the knobs of the doors and the chairs from the waiting room. After each visit, clean the box , a nebula that drags particles from the air and treats the surfaces of the box with steam .

Every morning and every night a complete cleaning of floors and walls of the query.

  1. All the patients answer a questionnaire when booking an appointment and when you arrive at the IMOI Clinic. Is mandatory cleaning the sole of the shoes , use leggings Y face mask Y gel hydroalcoholic .

We take the temperature to all patients when they arrive at our consultations.

  1. Most of the material what we use is disposable and the one who cannot be I know sterilize immediately after use.
  2. We have reduced capacity to 40% and we schedule the visits so that two patients do not coincide in the waiting room.

We do the maximum of treatments in a single visit , we decrease the number of visits and trips.

  1. Whenever you have any questions, you can contact by video call .


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