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Invisible orthodontics is the solution for all those people who value dental aesthetics throughout the process

ortodoncia_lingual_imoiJust as there are brackets of many materials(you can see in this section the types of dental orthodontics that we make in IMOI) technological evolution has allowed other ways of moving teeth. It is the case of invisible orthodontics,which goes one step beyond linguistic orthodontics. In this case, brackets are not used, but transparent splints, hence the name of invisible orthodontics, made in the USA through special software and always through the indications of the orthodontist. This technique is also known as Invisalign®, which is the brand name of the splint manufacturer.

You have to keep in mind that pre-diagnosis by an expert orthodontist is very important, to check that you can use this type of invisible orthodontics. That is why all our patients, on their first visit, are given a complete dental study and a totally free TAG, to be able to diagnose the problem and be able to offer the most appropriate and least expensive solution and follow-up, without any commitment on their part. In this section you can see all the free services that we perform on the first visits to our clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza.

Invisible orthodontics are relatively recent. This orthodontics began to be used for very simple dental cases, and has gradually been managed to deal with really complex cases. However, depending on what type of dental movements, it is necessary to put some attachments in the teeth. A kind of hooks are created on the teeth with composite (the color of your tooth, so that it is not noticeed), so that the splints better transmit the information to the teeth.

Visit our clinics to explain your case. On the first visit we will perform a dental CT and a complete study, totally free of charge. In this way we will know the scope of the problem, your needs and we will be able to advise you on the different types of orthodontics, its benefits and the budget adapted to your needs.Do not doubt our professionalism, we will inform you about the best alternatives according to your situation. Book your visit today.

How long does invisible orthodontic treatment last?

Treatment with invisible orthodontics is usually longer than Treatments with brackets,but their advantages are aesthetics and comfort, since you can take them off to eat and can be cleaned much easier. Invisible orthodontics is an alternative to keep in mind, since you will notice how your smile improves without the discomfort of brackets.

invisalign-imoiAt the end of a treatment performed with invisible orthodontics it is advisable to use the dental retainers to maintain the new position of the teeth while the gum, bone and musculature of the mouth adapts to the new situation. If not used, the teeth would try to return to the position they were in, making it necessary to repeat the treatment and it must be taken into account that in repeated treatments, the teeth suffer more. To learn more about the types of retainers see this section

The best thing is always that you talk to your orthodontist to have realistic expectations regarding the time of each technique, the comfort… Etc. Tell us all your doubts and expectations, so that we can apply the technique that best suits you. Don’t give anything for granted because every patient is a world and there are different ways to address each problem.

On your first visit to the IMOI dental clinic in Barcelona and Ibiza, we will inform you of the whole process to follow just as we will perform a full dental study and a TOTALly free TAG

Previous aspects before using invisible orthodontics

In some cases, before starting invisable orthodontic treatments, it may be necessary to remove some teeth in order to correct the position of neighboring teeth. The space for the teeth is what it is, and there are times when you lack space to have all your teeth aligned.

While it is true, that less and less tends to this solution, gaining space with other techniques such as stripping, which consists of wearing down the teeth on the sides so that they take up less space. But obviously, this technique has its limitations and not everyone can do it to you.

In any case, if it has been necessary to remove baby teeth because they did not enter, it is almost certainly that some permanent teeth will have to be removed. As you can check in these more complex cases, there is also a solution to use invisible orthodoxy.

In cases that you can’t do anything else, and also before starting invisible orthodontic treatments, you usually gain space by removing already compromised teeth, that is, with cavities or large reconstructions and try to leave teeth that are perfectly healthy. But this also depends on each case, and where we need to gain space.

To be able to inform you more deeply book an appointment at our clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza. We will perform the free study and dental TAG to check the possibility of using invisible orthodontics. Access this section to see our facilities andmedical box to be calm about our professionalism.

If you have any questions use the chat page to ask our orthodontic experts.

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