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Fixed appliances help you get a perfect smile and have good oral health.

Why are fixed orthodontic devices used?

This type of dental device is the typical bracket, that is, the Orthodontics that is fixed and you can not take it off during all dental treatment. Mainly we can distinguish between fixed devices and removable appliances.

The control of dental movement in orthodontics is much greater if we use fixed appliances attached to the teeth. Removable devices can achieve small movements, while fixed devices control any type of movement. By applying forces to fixed devices you can achieve crown, root, rotation, intrusion and extrusion movements. In other words, we got a three-dimensional tooth control. Access this section to seethe types of orthodontics we do at IMOI and all types of dental appliances

How do fixed dental appliances work?

The dental apparatus system is practically based on the placement of a rectangular arch in the rectangular hollow of a bracket (slot). This slot has a particular angulation for each tooth. So the bracket carries the information and is transmitted to the tooth as we increase the thickness of the wire, until the entire slot is completed. In addition, the arch allows some expansion of the mouth arcades gaining space and decreasing the need for extractions.

Visit our clinics to explain your case. On the first visit we will perform a dental CT and a complete study, totally free of charge. This way we will know the scope of the problem, your needs and we can advise you if you must use fixed devices or you can use other types of orthodontics.

Do not doubt our professionalism, we will inform you about the best alternatives according to your situation. Book your visit today.

What should I consider about fixed and general appliances about all dental appliances?

brackets-metalicos-imoiAll this is fine, but not all patients are the same and the different techniques we use with brackets either. There are different diagnoses that only allow us to use fixed devices in the patient.

Thus, the most important thing of the whole process itself is the orthodontic study that is done at first, that is, the diagnosis. Here several cephalometric parameters are studied that take into account the size of the teeth and the bone around it. With this data and taking into account the preferences of the patient, we develop a treatment plan. If all this has been done correctly, and nature accompanies, the treatment will be as we explain.

For this reason, all our patients on their first visit are given a dental TAG and a totally free study. In this section you can see all the services that we perform for free on your first visit. You can also see our facilities and the medical staffof our clinics so you do not doubt the professionalism of them

We will consider everything you ask us, but each technique has its limitations and the clinician is the one that should advise you.

What components are in fixed dental appliances?

The main protagonists of fixed appliances are:


It is a stainless steel ring that normally surrounds the first molars. They carry different attachments such as the tubes where the arches go, or the hooks where the intermaxillary elastics (known as removable rubbers ) will be placed.

The bands are cemented with zinc oxycostat or others of similar characteristics. This cement keeps the band in place and prevents plaque from forming on the tooth preventing cavities.


Today’s brackets have evolved a lot over time to become smaller and more aesthetic. They carry a groove (slot) that crosses the tooth wide. This slot carries a different angulation for each tooth. It has a certain height and depth, and the arch that we put inside will be increasingly calibery until the entire gap is filled in the last phases so that all the position information is transmitted to the tooth. Access this section to find out about the types of orthodontics we do at IMOI,especially in bracket treatments

There are basically two types of orthodontist, the one that uses small brackets of 0.018” and the one that uses others a little larger than 0.022”

Dental arches

All orthodontic arcs are made of alloys:

  • Stainless steel: it is relatively easy to handle, does not corrode in the oral cavity and is able to induce controllable forces in the teeth.
  • Cobalt-chromium-nickel: it is very malleable, it can be treated with heat to produce forces that move teeth and does not corrode.
  • Nickel-titanium: it is an alloy fruit of the space age. This material has the characteristic that it can be bent a great distance without permanently deforming. This is ideal during the early stages of orthodontics when teeth are far from their ideal position. It adapts perfectly and gradually recovers its initial shape by pulling the teeth.

Clarifications based on previous dental diagnosis

  • We’ll use one arch shape or another
  • Sectional archs are used to correct only small malpositions
  • Metallic or elastic ligatures can be used
  • Depending on the diagnosis, the anchorage may need to be strengthened

If you have any questions use the chat page to ask our orthodontic specialists. You’ll be solved any questions about fixed appliances

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