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1st Free visit. Payment facilities.

Financing and agreements with groups.


At the IMOI Clinics we want the highest quality dental treatments to be accessible to you and that is why we offer you a free 1st visit .

On that 1st free visit you will be attended by our experts in dental health and aesthetics and we will perform a T.A.C. Dental or a FREE Orthopantomography.

You will explain to them what your problems are and what you hope to achieve and they will propose several possibilities for treatment.

Our team of advisors will also make you an economic and financing proposal. Always with a closed price and written guarantee so you don’t get any surprises.


Financiació. Preu implants dentals. Primera visita gratuïta.

Financing according to your needs.

Our team of advisors will offer you four types of funding:

1. Payment of treatment as it is carried out. You usually have more than 4 months to pay for treatment.

2. Financing with your credit card of up to 1,000 euros without interest. It’s the fastest way to access your treatment by paying $84 each month. All this without paperwork and only with your usual credit card.

3. IMOI financing with a down payment and the remainder deferred from 6 to 12 months without interest. You don’t need to go to any bank to ask for a loan, we do the paperwork and we fund you.

4. Bank financing from 1 to 5 years according to the conditions of the financial institution.


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