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Pain-free and surgery-free dental implants

Forget about pain . At IMOI we place dental implants without cutting the gum.

Dental implants allow you to quickly and definitively replace lost teeth, recovering the best aesthetics of the mouth and face in less than an hour and now without being afraid of pain or surgery.

To remove pain and surgery on dental implants we use a scalpel-free technique.

Advances in the treatment of titanium from the surface of dental implants and in their design, have allowed us to develop a technique without using the scalpel, without cutting the gum or giving a single stitch of suture. As there are no cuts to the gum, there are no cuts and without them there is no bleeding, no swelling and no pain after the intervention.

Almost all patients who need dental implants can follow this dental implant treatment without surgery and pain.

The first step is a good complete dental diagnosis by one of our professionals is implantology and dental aesthetics.

This is why all patients are given totally free on the first visit, a diagnosis and a dental CT to know the extent of the problem and to advise you on the best treatment. Book your visit today.

Procedure of the technique in dental implantology without pain

The procedure to perform dental implatnes without pain and without surgery is very simple:

  • On a first visit we elaborate the medical history, explore his mouth we do a photographic study and practice a dental T.A.C. At IMOI on your first visit we will perform a complete dental study and the TAC totally free.

In this section you can see all the free services that you will have on your first visit in our clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza.

  • Later we do an individualized digital study of the patient with a cad-cam program called nobelclinician that allows us to make sure that he has enough bone and does not need a dental bone implant (bone graft) or a zygomatic implant. It also allows us to know what type of dental implant, prosthetic abutments and accessories you need.
  • The procedure lasts just over 10 minutes for two dental implants, performed with the same anesthesia that is used to fix a tooth decay or to make an extraction.
  • With all the information we get from dental T.A.C. and digital study, if the patient wants, we know the exact position of the dental implants and we can have the crown or dental case ready to place it at the end of the intervention. With this procedure in less than an hour you will have one or more new teeth placed in your mouth.

Before performing this treatment, you should ensure that:

  • A dental CT scan is mandatory.Adults
  • You must have an individualized digital study to know exactly your needs.
  • Only the use of the best dental implants, prosthetic attachments, pillars and materials can be used for this type of dental implant treatment.
  • It is always highly recommended that your center has an operating room to perform the dental implant placement intervention and that it offers a lifetime guarantee on the implants with a maintenance program. In our clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza we have the best facilities for any type of detailed implantology and with approved operating room. Visit this section to see our facilities

The result that is achieved with this treatment is almost the same as that of natural teeth. With dental implants placed without surgery and temporary dental crowns, you will recover fixed teeth in a single session. In less than an hour or in less than a day, you will regain the confidence to eat and smile.

Our revolutionary unsurgeryd implant program allows the patient to eliminate the postoperative and with it eliminate pain and swelling, and immediately rejoin their working life with a very aesthetic and comfortable temporary dental sheath or crown.

Book a visit to better inform you about this surgery-free, pain-free dental implantology system. From the first moment you will be accompanied by professionals, dentists and surgeons in dental implantology.

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