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Top doubts about dental implants

Our professionals from IMOI dental clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza have tried to collect the most frequent questions raised by our patients.

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What are dental implants?

Implants are pure titanium cylinders that are placed in the bone to replace the roots of lost dental parts. Dental implants allow us to replace the natural part with an artificial piece of excellent functionality and equal or better aesthetics.

Is surgery complex?

It is an intervention of just over 15 minutes in which local anesthesia is used. Conscious sedation may be administered in patients who have a phobia of the dentist.

Post operative complications

Most of the time it means less discomfort and discomfort than other dentistry treatments, only slightly inflammation of the gum for a few days. It is very important to maintain careful higiene to prevent gum infections and take the antibiotics and anti-inflammatorys we prescribe.

What are immediate-loading implants? Can implants and teeth be placed on the same day?

These are the implants we use when we place the implant and the denture the same day. Yes, absolutely. It is advisable to do so always except in very specific cases, it allows to preserve the occlusion of the patient, and keep the gum and soft tissue around the tooth.

Can implants be performed without surgery?

Implants without surgery include two very different procedures. On the one hand, computer-guided surgery. This system uses a template developed by the surgeon with which the implants are placed without opening the gum. On the other hand, we have transmucosal dental implants, expert surgeons place the implants through the gum, without making cuts or giving points.

How long does the full treatment last from implant placement to definitive prosthesis placement?

In many cases we can place the provisional prosthesis on the day of the intervention. The definitive prostheses are placed after two months of waiting after surgery. Other implants may require an osteointegration time of up to six months.

What type of prosthesis can be placed on implants?

There are two great ways of prosthetic rehabilitation: The ceramic fixed prosthesis (such as the teeth themselves), which provides the highest level of aesthetics, comfort and function; and the removable prosthesis (remove and put), made of resin and which is a more economical and less sophisticated option.

Can we achieve maximum aesthetics with implants?

The properly placed implants guarantee aesthetic results and the introduction of stratified ceramics and zirconium allows us to perform prostheses without any metal, completely translucent, with the same appearance as natural teeth.

Can patients of any age be treated with implants?

Implants can be placed on young people once growth is complete. In adults there is no contraindication due to age.

Is there a risk of complications for the patient?

Every intervention and administration of anesthesia has minimal risk. Speaking of a specific risk, loss of sensation in the lower lip is the most significant risk when operating the jaw. Mentonian nerve injury can cause temporary or definitive loss of sensitivity of the middle of the lip and chin.

Do dental implants have contraindications?

There are very few absolute contraindications, including serious diseases that alter bone metabolism, specific infections, malignancies or high-dose radiation therapy. It is very important to clarify that implants do not cause rejection in the body, only oseointegration (2 of the implants) can fail. Here the surgeon, the materials influence and you have to consider the level of difficulty of each case.

What happens when the patient has little bone?

We currently have advanced techniques for performing surgeries in extreme cases. We can perform maxillary sinus elevations, block bone graft surgery with a very high success rate. It’s very rare in the case where we can’t treat a patient with implants.

Can patients with gum disease be treated?

Although it may seem like a countersent, implants are the ultimate solution. Until now, only these patients were offered regular visits and periodontal treatments, always with the prospect of losing teeth and bone and ending up with complete dentures remove and put. These treatments harm the patient. Dental implants have revolutionized their treatment, allowing to cut that process together with the diagnosis of bacterial DNA, the specific antibiotic and eliminating the diseased teeth.

What is the guarantee of implant treatment?

The well-planned and placed implants, with a size proportional to the load they have to bear, are for life. That’s why in our CENTERS IMPLANTS HAVE A LIFETIME WARRANTY.

How much do dental implants cost?

If you want a quote and a treatment plan please contact us and we will inform you without obligation. The first visit, the dental T.A.C., the study and the budgets are free. Currently there are treatments with implants from 500 euros.

What are the advantages of zirconium implants over titanium implants?

Zirconium is a material of maximum biocompatibility (the same as titanium) and allows to make prostheses of an excellent aesthetic. However, within the bone, it does not provide any added advantage over titanium. Titanium implant and Zirconio’s perfectly aesthetic crown can be performed.

Does IMOI serve patients from other cities in Spain or abroad?

Yes, for more than four years we have been treating patients from all over Spain and Europe to combine tourism and treatments of some importance. Our centers have programs that can be adapted to your tastes, with special prices in 4 and 5 star hotels in the center of Barcelona.

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