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Dental crowns on implants are used to replace lost teeth with a fully aesthetic finish

What are implant dental crowns ?

cover-over-implant-imoiThe name is indifferent, as they mean the same thing. There are 2 types of dental crowns that we have to differentiate:
  • Those placed on dental implants
  • and those placed covering natural teeth.
Initially, crowns and dental sheds were not used on implants as they were made on natural teeth. The use of dental crowns on implants to replace missing teeth allowed us to solve one of the most frequent demands of our patients, how to replace one or more missing teeth simultaneously?For more information, please visit this section to find out about the types of dental implants and all the dental treatments we do at IMOI.

What is the difference between a dental crown over a natural tooth and a crown on a dental implant?

First of all we should know what the differences are between a dental crown over a natural tooth and a crown on a dental implant. The dental crown on the natural tooth should cover it and protect it, so its size, shape and color is sometimes not the most suitable.The crown on dental implant is a type of dental prosthesis whose only function is to replace a tooth with the best aesthetics and function possible, so we get the best dental aesthetic possible.
The choice of type of implant type and dental crown, is very related to the realization of a good previous diagnosis and the needs of each patient.This is why all patients are given free on the first visit, a complete diagnosis and a dental CT to know the extent of the problem and advise you with the best alternative. Book your visit today.

How do we design dental crowns or sleeves?

implant-imoiSimilarly, to manufacture dental crowns on implants we use the best suppliers of materials and the most modern techniques such as CAD – CAM.Access this section to see our facilities, where we have the most advanced techniques in implantology dentalThe operation of CAD – CAM is very simple, a laser scans the patient’s mouth and implant and converts it into a digital file or takes an impression from the mouth and then scans it with the laser. That digitized image is sent to a computer where with a very advanced program the dental crown is designed on the implants and then sent to the computerized milling unit that creates the crown or dental case from prefabricated blocks.Using this manufacturing technique allows us to place dental implants and dental crowns on implants in less than an hour.

What materials are the crowns or dental covers made of?

Dental crowns or sleeves on implants can be made of two groups of materials:
  • Metal and ceramic dental crowns. These ceramic crowns have the infrastructure of the entire metal prosthesis coated by dental ceramic. The metal from which they are made is usually an alloy or mixture of cobalt, palladium or titanium chromium. They are the oldest and until recently the only option to treat tooth loss. They can withstand a lot of pressure and today they can achieve an almost perfect aesthetic.
  • The dental crowns are completely ceramic. There is no metal in them and they are suitable for both tooth crowns and crowns on dental implants.
At IMOI we use the best ceramic suppliers such as 3 M, Nobel Biocare, Ivoclar and Vita. All of them offer us various types of ceramics for dental crowns

What is the warranty on dental crowns or sleeves?

Our country’s law states that every dental prosthesis must have a 2-year problem guarantee, however at IMOI we offer you most of the time 5 years warranty for crowns on teeth and a program of visiting and maintaining your dental implants and crowns.To be able to learn more about the crowns and dental covers on implants, book a visit to our dental clinics and we will perform a complete study and a CT scan to diagnose possible problems, totally free of charge.See everything we do on first patient visits for free.From the first moment you will be cared for by professionals, doctors and surgeons specializing in implantology and dental aesthetics. You can see our medical chart in this section.You can also make your questions now, directly to our specialists, in the chat page.

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