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What are dental veneers?

veneers-porcelain-imoiDental aesthetics is a fundamental part of having a good smile. Having a pretty smile makes us feel safer with ourselves. To improve dental aesthetics or smile imperfections in IMOI we use several techniques, including dental veneers.

For more information on the different techniques of dental aesthetics go to this section

Dental veneers are a small sheet that is cemented into the original tooth, radically changing the appearance of the teeth and hiding all their defects. We should keep in mind that the main usefulness of veneers is aesthetics and should not be used to “hide” possible more complicated oral problems that require some kind of orthodontics. In this case there are also very aesthetic alternatives that desimulate the classic metal brackets and can even be completely hidden with the use of the lingual brackets

Visit our clinics to explain your case. On the first visit we will perform a dental CT and a complete study, totally free of charge. In this way we will know the scope of the problem, your needs and we can advise you on the different types of dental aesthetics and dental veneers that we can use. As well as the procedures and prices of all alternatives

Do not doubt our professionalism, we will inform you about the best alternatives according to your situation. Book your visit today.

Types of dental veneers

Different types of dental veneers can be used depending on the degree of aesthetics required and the material used. Each type of veneer material has a different price and a duration so it is very important to keep in mind what we want to achieve:

  • Porcelain veneers. They are a type of veneers with a perfect aesthetic result. They do not change color and maintenance is scarce, so trips to the dentist are minor. The price is slightly higher than composite veneers
  • Composite dental veneers. The price is less than porcelain veneers but the quality of the veneer also decreases. It has advantages such as speed and ease in placement and if broken they are easy to repair
  • Lumineers veneers. They’re the best of them all. Ultra-thin and no need to lower the tooth for placement. They’re very durable.

Access the above sections to have more information and advantages of each type of dental veneer that we use in the IMOI

Why can we use veneers?

veneers-imoiThe basic use of dental veneers is the care of dental aesthetics and have a perfect smile, although you can hide small aspects that we do not like and that do not require any orthodontic staff:

  • Changing visual aspects of the smile such as the color of the teeth, the bad position, etc.
  • Cover any dental fractures we may have had over the years from a knock on your teeth or accident
  • Correct tooth separation, so they look more together
  • Correct the shape of the teeth. It is very interesting to correct short tooth dental problems, some misalignment, etc.
  • Enlarge teeth when they are too short and that when smiling you see all the gums
  • Teeth whitening. This is one of the most effective treatments

It is very important to have a first visit to be able to diagnose if any oral problems are hidden before doing any dental aesthetic treatment. All of our patients have a dental CT and a complete study totally free to diagnose any problems. Access this section to see all the services that you will have for free on your first visit to our dental clinics in Barcelona or Ibiza. You can also see our facilities and the medical chart that will attend to you from the first moment.

If you have any questions about any aspect of dental aesthetics or veneers use the chat page and our experts will help you

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