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Dental Esthetics. Dental clinic IMOI in Barcelona and Ibiza

Everything starts with a beautiful smile and we are here to give you what you might have desired during this whole time. The dental esthetic specialists in IMOI will help you achieve the desired results.

In IMOI we will give you the complete diagnosis and give you the best option to have the perfect smile.

There are many alternatives in regards to quality and type of the materials we use, and the different types of treatments:

  • carilla-dental-imoiPorcelain veneers without enamel reduction. The recommended option to repair chipped teeth, fractured or cracked teeth, stained or discoloured teeth. Separated teeth, or lightly not symmetrical , too short or too long teeth and gummy smiles are treated with veneers.
  • The Lumineers. Are one of the most esthetic veneers in today’s dental market. They are very thin veneers about 0,2 mm thick and translucent which permits them to transpass the natural aspect of the enamel. On the contrary the traditional veneers are much thicker , requiring much more reduction of the tooth enamel and preparing.
  • Composite Veneers. Are the traditional veneers in which we reduce the enamel of the tooth in order to fit the veneers
  • The dental Crowns. They can be full ceramic crowns or partial ceramic crowns. They can be fitted over the tooth, like a cap or over a dental implant.


The high quality of material that we use to work and deliver the final products in prostheses together with patient satisfaction make IMOI Barcelona and Ibiza one of the most valued dental clinics.

Contact us by phone or email and we will give you all the necessary information over the process. We will also inform you over the warranty of the materials and treatments. As well as the possibility to organize the trip for you to travel to Barcelona and have all the treatment done in only one session.

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