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Prices of dental treatments

The prices of dental treatments can vary in each patient, since depending on the initial diagnosis in each patient, the same treatment may require other previous or subsequent treatments.

Visit our clinics to explain your case. On the first visit we will perform a dental CT and a complete study, totally free of charge. In this way we will know the scope of the problem, your needs and we will be able to advise you on your real problem and we will provide you with a budget with the price adapted to your needs.

Do not doubt our professionalism, we will inform you about the best alternatives according to your situation. Book your visit today.

These are the prices of different treatments so that you can make an approximate calculation about a treatment in our IMOI dental clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza. Do not hesitate to call us for any clarification or further information on any dental treatment

Keep in mind that in our clinics any dental or maxillofacial intervention can be performed, since we have an approved minor surgery operating room, the latest technological advances and a whole group of professionals, doctors and surgeons in implantology and dental aesthetics. In this section you can see Our facilities Y our medical chart

Price of dental implants

  1. The price of an osseointegrated dental implant from the Nobel Biocare or Mozograu brand is 700 Euros. The implants are placed in a private approved operating room in our clinics to have full control over the patient
  2. For a dental arch with fixed teeth, between 6 and 8 implants are needed
  3. In the event that bone regeneration is needed, the price depends on the diagnosis
  4. If you need or prefer to undergo conscious sedation treatments, the closed price of the treatment is 500 euros, regardless of the hours you have to be in the operating room. In these cases we have all the technology and the right professionals
  5. Other complementary treatments depending on the particular case may be the maxillary sinus lift or bone expansion techniques.

When the implants are already in place, you have to put dental prostheses . The price of these prostheses depends on the type of prosthesis and their quality.

  1. High quality metal ceramic prosthesis on implants price 500 euros
  2. Price of zirconium prosthesis on implants 700 euros

In the case of rehabilitation of the whole mouth the price of fixed teeth vary depending on the material of the fixed prosthesis:

  1. Price of metal resin prostheses on implants (hybrid prosthesis) 5,000 euros for each of the dental arches
  2. Price fixed zirconium dental prosthesis (with porcelain) on implants 7,000 euros for each dental arch
  3. Price fixed metal dental prosthesis (with porcelain) on implants 6,000 euros per dental arch
  4. Price of implants of immediate load per arch to put all teeth in one day 3,000 euros

Orthodontic price

The final cost of orthodontics depends on the complexity of the case of the appliances to be used and its duration. It is most recommended that you come to our dental clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza for a personalized diagnosis.

  1. Invisalign lite orthodontics price from 3,190 euros
  2. Invisalign full price from 3,990
  3. Price of lingual aesthetic orthodontics 5.100 euro for the two arches
  4. Price of ceramic and sapphire brackets from 3,400 euros
  5. Price of Damon orthodontics or Damon braces from 2,900 euros

All orthodontic estimates include free of charge:

  1. The first visit
  2. Dental CT
  3. Premium diagnostic
  4. Fixed withholding valued at 500 euros
  5. Ease of payment of the treatment in comfortable monthly payments for the duration of the treatment (between 18 and 24 months)

Dental aesthetic price

  1. Price of composite veneers is 200 euros each
  2. Teeth whitening at the dental clinic with led 240 euros
  3. Denal whitening with splints in the clinic and at home costs 420 euros
  4. Porcelain metal dental crown price 370 euros
  5. Price of a zirconia cover and 100% porcelain crowns 500 euros
  6. The porcelain inlay and endo-crowns cost 360 euros
  7. Snap on smile price 1500 euros per full dental arch

Other general dentistry prices

  1. Price of dental reconstruction or composite filling costs 80 euros
  2. Uniradicular ondodontia costs 175 euros
  3. Multiradicular ondodontia costs 195 uros
  4. Strong periodontal treatment 50 euros

Remember that in order not to have surprises in the dental budgets it is better that you come to our clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza and on your first visit and for free we will perform a dental CT scan and a complete review to see the extent of the problem and be able to give adequate and closed price for your treatment.

From your first visit to our clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza, you will be accompanied by professionals, doctors, orthodontists and surgeons specializing in aesthetics, orthodontics and dental implantology.

If you have any questions use the chat page to ask IMOI orthodontic experts.

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